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DepoDirect teams up with Zoom to create the best in class virtual legal event solution

DepoDirect, a revolutionary virtual legal event platform solution for law firms and insurance companies utilizing advanced AI technology, has announced the release of the first-of-its-kind, purpose-built second generation of its platform that now includes the ease of a complete Zoom integration.

Co-founded in 2021 by digital deposition veterans Todd Seligman and Alex Loverde, DepoDirect has quickly become the world’s most innovative online deposition platform. Earlier this year, the company closed an initial $2 million funding round receiving backing from well-known venture capital firms Okapi Ventures, ffVC and First Mile Ventures along with the venture fund of Cooley LLP, a well-recognized AmLaw 100 law firm. As the leading online deposition solution available, DepoDirect offers tremendous value for all attorneys, but especially high-volume litigation attorneys, both plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as insurance companies wanting to save the time and half the cost on their annual volume of depositions.

DepoDirect joined Zoom’s ISV Partner Program, using Zoom’s APIs to deliver necessary integrations into their solution. Seligman, DepoDirect’s CEO, speaking about the company’s second-generation solution with Zoom integration said,

Because of the pandemic, virtual proceedings have become fully entrenched in the legal landscape and are here to stay. The integration of DepoDirect with Zoom Video Communications, Inc, provides our clients the backbone of stability that is necessary for a legal environment. It also allows DepoDirect technology to enable a legal experience with Zoom, tailored specifically to the unique needs of virtual legal events, Law Firms and insurance companies.

Steven Li, Head of ISV at Zoom, said,

Teaming up with companies like DepoDirect helps us bring Zoom technology into more specific use cases. The legal industry clearly has a need for reliable virtual legal events, and our partnership with DepoDirect will help provide attorneys with a trustable, secure and legal-specific experience they can rely on.

Loverde, DepoDirect’s Chief Experience Officer, added,

DepoDirect’s new Zoom integration has allowed us to create an ease-of-use that has previously been foreign to the legal services community. Time is money, and the DepoDirect platform streamlines the entire deposition process, saving our clients costs and hassle not only in the live event but on administrative tasks like scheduling, exhibit management and delivery of transcripts and video.

In addition to the launch of the company’s second-generation platform with Zoom integration, DepoDirect also recently launched its new website,, which provides more information and allows new users interested in the platform to quickly schedule live demos and online depositions directly on the website.

About DepoDirect

DepoDirect, based in Los Angeles, California, has emerged to become the best-in-class solution for online deposition services and now offers full Zoom integration within its platform. DepoDirect offers law firms and insurance companies tremendous time savings along with cost savings of up to 50% on their deposition service expenses while providing many advantages over traditional in-person deposition services and other online deposition providers. Examples include a trained technician included on every deposition at no additional cost; a first-in-class Exhibit Suite that seamlessly publishes, stamps, annotates, and uploads documents to all participants with no unnecessary delays; and independent control of exhibit documents and the ability to import new exhibits at any time. DepoDirect offers a white-glove experience for a fraction of the cost of other deposition services.

Experience the future of depositions

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