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DepoDirect is a tech-enabled court reporting company building the future of remote depositions with our best-in-class solution for online deposition services featuring a platform-level Zoom integration. The platform and Zoom integration provide a witness video, picture-in-picture video, and rough transcript automatically available after the deposition in our transcript-synced player.

DepoDirect offers law firms and insurance companies tremendous time savings along with cost savings of up to 50% on their deposition service expenses while providing many advantages over traditional in-person deposition services and other online deposition providers.

Image by Dylan Gillis
  • A trained reporter included on every deposition at no additional cost

  • A best-in-class Exhibit Suite that seamlessly publishes, stamps, annotates, and uploads documents to all participants with no unnecessary delays

  • Independent control of exhibit documents and the ability to import new exhibits at any time.

  • A seamless meeting using our partnership with Zoom Video Communications


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