Robust video conference platform + DepoDirect =

the best depo you’ve ever taken.

Deposition hosting, perfected.

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Utilizing industry leading Video Conference provider for a reliable deposition experience, every time.
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99.9% accurate, certified transcripts

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The future of deposition services

Proprietary technology and streamlined processes allow DepoDirect to offer:

Utilizing industry leading video conference provider.

White glove experience.

Immediate delivery of Witness video & rough transcripts.

Deposition viewer w/synced video & transcript.

Live exhibit suite w / stamping & annotations.

Unparalleled security features.


No hidden fees / simple hourly billing.

Up to 50% less cost than legacy providers.


Fast. Easy. Reliable…
Simply better.

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Easy scheduling through DepoDirect portal

DepoDirect reporter hosts your deposition

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Same day delivery of video, rough transcript and stamped exhibits directly to your DepoDirect portal

Final transcript delivery in 7 business days

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Traditionally static reports come to life in the DepoDirect viewer.


It is our mission
to foster a sustainable industry & expand access to justice for all

For plaintiff clients

Plaintiff attorneys utilize DepoDirect to save up to 50% on their deposition costs, allowing their clients to finally keep their rightful awards. Plaintiff attorneys no longer need to sacrifice amenities like Video and Rough Transcripts because of cost considerations.

For defense clients

Defense attorneys use DepoDirect because it is the most efficient, comprehensive and trouble-free remote deposition experience ever offered. Defense clients will see exponential yearly cost-savings without their attorneys sacrificing amenities or work product.

For insurers

DepoDirect allows insurers to save 50% on their yearly deposition costs without sacrificing ease, quality or amenities. Law Firms that utilize DepoDirect can offer their insurer clients incredible yearly cost-savings.




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