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DepoDirect has a new secret weapon for all your depositions
Virtual Depositions, Perfected

A deposition platform built with automation and AI to boost efficiency and save money. No more waiting for links and documents to be emailed. Experience the future of depositions.

The Future of Depositions is Now

Half the time, half the cost, and double the efficiency compared to legacy providers.


Emailing to get a link or send exhibits is a thing of the past. Get the Zoom link immediately when you schedule. Upload exhibits before or during the deposition that are visible to the reporter immediately.


All files and interactions are managed through our TLS-encrypted platform, ensuring that communications are safe and encrypted. A guarantee you can’t get if you are emailing exhibits.


No more surprise fees for handling, appearances, or set up. Up to 50% less than legacy providers with one simple hourly price for the deposition includes witness video, picture-in-picture video, and a synced rough transcript.


DepoDirect feels like a game changer for my practice. Within an hour of my first completed deposition, I had access to a rough transcript and video of the deposed witness. I was able to use the recorded witness testimony at a settlement conference the very next day. I was able to queue up an important portion of the recording and play it for the judge while in conference.  DepoDirect’s service was easy to use, cost-effective, and our assigned reporter Lori was knowledgeable and well-prepared.


Bardo Law P.C.

Suitable for any deposition

DepoDirect services any type of deposition, including fully remote, hybrid, or in-person. Our proprietary software allows us to remotely manage and officiate the proceeding efficiently, while giving our clients every premium amenity on every deposition. DepoDirect digitizes every aspect of your legal proceeding, whether it is remote, hybrid, or in person.

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Reporter appears virtually
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Our trained Officials serve as all of the following:
Manage exhibits
IT support
Oath administrator
ID verification

It is our mission to foster a sustainable industry & expand access to justice for all

For plaintiff clients

Plaintiff attorneys utilize DepoDirect to save up to 50% on their deposition costs, allowing their clients to finally keep their rightful awards. Plaintiff attorneys no longer need to sacrifice amenities like Video and Rough Transcripts because of cost considerations.

For defense clients

Defense attorneys use DepoDirect because it is the most efficient, comprehensive and trouble-free remote deposition experience ever offered. Defense clients will see exponential yearly cost-savings without their attorneys sacrificing amenities or work product.

For insurers

DepoDirect allows insurers to save 50% on their yearly deposition costs without sacrificing ease, quality or amenities. Law Firms that utilize DepoDirect can offer their insurer clients incredible yearly cost-savings.

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