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88% of Lawyers Prefer Remote Depositions

It is becoming clear as more and more studies and surveys are done that remote depositions are not a temporary change brought on by the pandemic, but are becoming a foundation of litigation. The latest data point is the ABA’s 2022 Practice Forward Report: Where Does the Legal Profession Go From Here?, which found that 88% of respondents preferred remote depositions. A further 93% of respondents support the use of remote technology for all pretrial litigation.

Remote depositions and hearings have come a long way since the start of 2020. Many states that required in person depositions have loosened the rules. Some have gone as far as making remote depositions a standard method. Even in the states that don't list remote depositions as a standard method allow for stipulations and agreements alongside the notices allowing for the remote deposition method.

At DepoDirect, it is clear to us why attorneys overwhelmingly prefer remote depositions to in person depositions.


Remote depositions are much more convenient than traditional in person depositions. They can be taken from the comfort of a home office or work office, and Co-counsels, paralegals, and assistants can join from anywhere.

Time Savings

The time saved on travel can be huge. Whether an attorney would have to travel across town or across the country, that travel time is valuable. The time saved could be used to work on other cases or prepare for the deposition itself.

Attorneys can also save time by not having to delay a deposition. At DepoDirect, we are hearing from many attorneys about how they are having to wait weeks or even months to schedule depositions waiting for court reporting companies to have personnel available. An in-person deposition could require multiple people with a videographer, stenographer, and audio engineer. Remote depositions don't require multiple people to be run. With DepoDirect our court reporter serves as a videographer and technician. Our Zoom integration allows for all of these needs to be fulfilled by a single person. We don't require our clients to wait for a reporter to be available.


Remote depositions also allow for an efficiency that can't be found with in person depositions. DepoDirect specifically provides an online portal for scheduling that instantly provides the Zoom details for your deposition. No more back and forth waiting for a Zoom link and confirmation of scheduling.

We also provide immediate access to the deposition video and synced rough transcript. Remote depositions make this possible by keeping everything digital, so it is available as soon as the recording is saved. If something pivotal happened in the deposition that can lead to a settlement, quick access is extremely valuable.

Cost Effectiveness

Remote depositions are much more cost effective than in person depositions. An in person deposition is always going to cost more, but as they become more rare, the fees to get a reporter/stenographer and videographer to travel to an office will only grow. The lack of efficiencies in information handling also bring higher costs with them. Bundling all of the technology together, like DepoDirect does, allows for significantly lower costs. DepoDirect can be as much as 72% less expensive than an in person deposition.


Remote depositions were an inevitable technological improvement for the legal industry. The Covid pandemic accelerated the transition and provided an opportunity for the legal industry to make a leap forward technologically. The ABA survey shows that attorneys are seeing the benefits of technological improvements, specifically in regards to remote litigation.

At DepoDirect, we are working to provide the best remote deposition experience possible. Head to our homepage to learn more and get started today.


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